What the World Would Be Like If Difficulties in Life Didn’t Exist

difficulties in life
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We all have difficulties in life. No questions about that. Let me tell you a story.

Once, a monk was flying from Moscow, Russia to Kiev, Ukraine. He boarded the flight and the stewardess came up to him and said: “welcome onboard sir, we guaranteed takeoff.” He asked her ‘‘Landing madam’’? She said to him,‘‘you are a monk, aren’t you? Pray to your Lord Almighty for a safe landing.”


We all are aware that when we take a flight, the takeoff is completely beyond us. We can do nothing about the takeoff. It’s completely in the hands of the pilot. And when it comes to landing, even the landing is completely beyond our control. It’s in the hand of the pilot.


Many times when I fly and there is a very smooth landing where we don’t even come to know that the plane has landed. People give an ovation, a loud round of applause. I have not been an exception either. Of course, the only thing is we don’t give a standing ovation because a seat belt sign is still on.

Yes! The landing is also beyond our control.

And what about the turbulence?


The turbulence during the journey, during the flight, is also completely beyond us. The wind speed is beyond us.  When the plane passes through the clouds and the entire plane becomes wobbly, it’s not in our control.

What is in our control during the flight is our choice. Some people choose to just go to sleep, yet others get completely drunk on alcohol. Some watch movies, some keep munching something, yet others make new friends, talk to others and network.  Yes, what to do during that journey is in our control.



In the journey of life as well the take-off which is our birth is completely beyond our control. We didn’t choose our parents, we didn’t choose which nation we are born in, and we didn’t choose which city we are born in. We didn’t choose a socio-economic class we are born into. we didn’t choose our looks, we didn’t choose the religion we are born into.

Our takeoff of the journey of life was completely beyond us and the landing (death) even that would be completely beyond us.

I’ve heard many times people telling me that they would just love to die by getting a massive heart attack

and dropping dead, no trouble for them, no hospitalization, no tubes no needles no trouble cause to others, in one shot go.


Now no matter how much we might wish that it’s just beyond us. How we go and how the landing happens is completely beyond us.




What about the turbulence, the disturbance, the difficulties in life?


Some of them are within our control which we can solve, but many problems and issues and the turbulence caused is completely beyond the control because it’s caused by situations which are beyond us. It’s caused by people who are beyond us.

Yes Friends, in this journey of life the take-off, landing and the turbulence (difficulties in life) is not in our control.

What is in our control, however, is, the choices we can make.

Therefore Spirituality is about learning how to make those right choices. When we learn to make those right choices we learn to live a transformed, happy, fulfilled life despite all the turbulence and problems that are going on around us.

It is said ‘when we are beautiful, it’s God’s gift to us. When we live our life beautiful it is our gift to God.’


Being a male is a matter of birth.

Being a man is a matter of age and

Being a gentleman is a matter of choice.


And as a corollary to that,


Being a female is a matter of birth.

Being a woman is a matter of age and

Being a gentlewoman is a matter of choice.


Let us all take the spiritual wisdom, learn to make the right choices which are within our control as our gift to God and thus live our lives as thorough and face the difficulties in life easily!

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